Our Tails are Going…

This sweet little girl was so excited to become a “Mermaid of the Falls” that she came right to me to pick out her tail. She’s only 3 1/2 years old and super adorable! We got her setup with the tail that fit her size and off we went for her photos.

All the girls loved their time as a mermaid on our waterfalls. The weather was perfect for this photo session, and They were the best lil’ mermaids hams ever seen! We totally had so much fun with our “Mermaid of the Falls” Unique Sessions that we can’t wait to see all the girls become mermaids next year! But for now, the weather is changing so until the new year our tails are going into hibernation. But you can keep up on all our Unique Sessions and events by liking and following our social media pages.



~ Never too small or too old to be a Mermaid ~