This two-photographer team has known each other for over twenty years and have been working together as a professional photography team for many of those years. Their creativity and professionalism is what makes them stand apart from other photographers. They enjoy their work and have fun while capturing the best quality shots for each photography session they shoot. They connect with their clients on a personal level, provide a relaxing and fun time for each individual person they work with.

Both, LeeAnna and Trent, are professional photographers that have a deep love for their photography and have been shooting their entire lives. Their photographs have been published by local and national companies in magazines, newspapers, medias, business websites, articles, used in advertisements, promotional launches, company screen savers and even home d├ęcor.

Although LeeAnna established her photography business years back, she decided to make changes to the original company after moving lactations and deciding to become a professional two-photographer team with Trent. That was when the new business was established and Sun & Moon Photography was born. From that moment on, Sun & Moon Photography has been…

“Expressing the Elements of Life in a Unique Way!”