Welcome ~

Sun & Moon Photography “Expresses the Elements of Life in a Unique Way.” Each of our photos tell a story with a deeper meaning to each individual that views them.

Located in Saint John’s, Michigan, Sun & Moon Photography is a two-person team of professional photographers who have been shooting their entire lives. With our photography education growing from, developing film inside a darkroom to the new technology of today, we use our knowledge and skills to deliver the quality desired in every picture we shoot.

Our photographs have been published by local and national companies, in magazines, newspapers, medias, business websites, articles, used in advertisements, promotional launches, company screen savers and even home décor.

Sun & Moon Photography is highly driven in our passion for photography and provides every shoot with it’s own customized, individual style.

Providing our subjects with a feeling of enjoyment, awareness, and confidence through the unique style Sun & Moon uses, allows the person to relax and have fun while receiving the perfect beauty of true emotions in each shot. It’s more than a picture, it’s an experience and an expression of life in a special moment, that is frozen in time.

~Sun & Moon Photography looks forward to working with you next! 

Thank you all for your understanding and support during this time of crisis. Sun & Moon Photography will continue to do our part to fight against COVID-19. Let’s stay positive and stand together through this negative time.

With the new rules and regulations ordered by the government, our routine here at Sun & Moon Photography has changed some but, our quality of service has not. Upon scheduling your photo shoot or consultation, these new changes are in effect for required precautions to protect each of our clients and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • When arriving, you must stay in your vehicle and call or text that you are here. (810)339-0260. Someone will come out to meet you at your vehicle.
  • All clients will have their temperature taken before entering.
  • All clients will, fill out an assessment form (or) answer assessment questioning before entering.
  • Masks must be worn. (except for subject, when taking pictures/photo shoot. Note: our staff keeps their mask on the entire time).
  • If any of the criteria needed does not meet the required standards then the appointment will need to be rescheduled for a later time.
  • If you or anyone in your household has been exposed to covid-19, our protocol is to reschedule after the 14-day period and after any symptoms have gone away.  
  • PLEASE… if you or anyone in your home becomes ill or not well in any way, contact us immediately so we can be on top of the situation if one occurs. This helps us protect our other clients as well as you and your family.

These restrictions are in effect to protect All of our clients and to maintain a healthy place for them and our personal family also. ~Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these hard times. Please join us in the battle against the Coronavirus and be part of the solution. 

Thank You! ~ Sun & Moon Photography