LeeAnna ~

~Min Sol Og Mane~

My passion for photography started at a young age with my parents and it’s now through my photography that I keep both my mother and father memories alive. I feel their presence through Sun & Moon Photography, in every picture I take. It was through photography that my creative and artistic side could flow free and I love it.

My photography education started with the experience of developing my film in a darkroom and learning all of the skills and creativity that came with it. Since then, I’ve enjoyed capturing the wonders of life around me and the magnificent gifts this world has to offer.  

Having the ability to express the elements of life in a unique way has always been a gift that I will treasure for eternity. The best way to remember all those wonderous and precious moments that life has to offer, is by capturing them through photographs.   

With now over 30 years of experience, I still absolutely love photography and find it hard to call it a job but more an amazing journey with each new client I have the privilege to work with. Whether its maternity, newborn, family, senior pictures, or something else, every individual that Sun & Moon Photography captures has their very own personal story and to be the photographer selected to work with them, is an honor.