LeeAnna ~

~Min Sol Og Mane~

Through my photography, I can let my creative and artistic side flow free, and I love it. My photography education started with the experience of developing my film in a darkroom and learning all of the skills that came with it, including printing prints. Since then, I’ve kept up with the changing times in technology of today, and I’m still enjoying capturing the wonders of life around me and the magnificent gifts this world has to offer, plus meeting many wonderful people along the way. 

As a freelance photographer, I have worked for many different companies to obtain photographs of their fleet and equipment, I’ve created advertising photographs, collected action photos of events and bands for their publicity, and much more. Many of my photographs have been published in magazines, company brochures, social media platforms, websites, and even won nationals for promotional contest in large businesses. 

Although I was hired by different companies through the years, I still continued my own photography business. Whether its maternity, newborn, senior pictures, family portraits, or something else, I always like to photograph the personal story and personality of each individual person I work with. Being the one selected for capturing people’s life and special moments is truly an honor that I enjoy.

With over 30 years of photography experience and all the continuing education to keep present with the times, I can actually say I still absolutely love being a professional photographer and find it hard to call it a job but more an amazing journey with each new client I have the privilege to work with.

Even though my photography business was established many years prior, in 2015 I made a decision to relocate and be with the love of my life. The move brought many new changes into my life along with the original company. I believed the name change was fitting for my new beginning in life since my fiancé would be joining me. That was when my original business was transformed, and “Sun & Moon Photography” was born. Since then, we have married, created a beautiful indoor and outdoor studio to work in, and have established our new business together by “Expressing the Elements of Life in a Unique Way!” at Sun & Moon Photography.